Ushahidi on ‘Ten Web Startups to Watch’ by Technology Review

TRThe Technology Review by MIT is a magazine known for its coverage of innovation in Energy, Biotech, Nanotech, Infotech and other fields.

The listing of Ushahidi as one of the ten web startups to watch this year is a major nod to the project, and the ushahidi team is honored to be on this list, and we believe it is also a big nod to the Kenyan and African community at large. Read more on this link, or check out the print edition of the TR magazine on newstands.

Do stay in touch with us, we will be updating you as we continue building the next version of the Ushahidi Engine.

2 Responses to “Ushahidi on ‘Ten Web Startups to Watch’ by Technology Review”

  1. I am now in Sichun, China working as a consultant for Habitat for Humanity Int’l on their long term housing recovery project. I got here June 2nd when things were still fresh and I know that an upgraded version of the Ushahidi concept is exactly what we needed!

    There was a meeting of over 40 NGO’s and a map on the wall but it ended up being mostly useless. Too much info and not at all searchable. NGO staff and volunteers had visited different areas and were trying to share information about where the government blocked areas to foreigners, where the open areas were, where they planned to work, what type of work they plan to implement, where the roads/bridges were destroyed, etc. There was no proper or standard way to communicate the needs of specific areas to groups with the resources to help.

    Good luck with this, you may end up saving many many lives in the natural or man-made disaster.