The NEW Launches!

We’re very happy to announce the new Ushahidi website design!

[Press release: Ushahidi Redesign and Funding Announcement]

A big thanks goes out to Richard “Ochie” Flores for the excellent design, Kwame Nyong’o for the beautiful illustrations, and Ivan Bernat for the spotless HTML/CSS markup.

Grab a Button

Help show your support for Ushahidi with our new buttons and badges!

Ushahidi Button 1

Ushahidi 170px

Ushahidi Button 4 - 200px

Ushahidi 200px

Ushahidi Button 6 - 200px

Ushahidi 200px

6 Responses to “The NEW Launches!”

  1. First thing, I love the new design.
    Second, the path you’ve chosen to take Ushaidi is both brave and admirable. It was easy to make it proprietary but making it open source and free is very commendable. I am very sure that many will find it a very handy tool.
    Keep up the good work all of you.


  2. My thanks to the Ushahidi team and friends who brought us this tremendously beautiful and functional design. Unfortunately I am currently receiving a page load error for Ivan Bernat’s image2markup site but I’m sure that is only momentary.

    Thanks also for the post on usage ideas for Ushahidi. I will be studying it carefully along with specs on the new engine when available. I can feel a few ideas bubbling up from the base of my brain.

  3. Your new website looks great, and this is a truly impressive and honorable project. I agree with Victor above that you should be commended for releasing the software open source. Good luck, and I’m looking forward to future updates!

  4. Hi Erik,

    well done with the new website, easy to use and to the point, as Ushahidi was useful reaching the unreached during the Kenyan skirmishes so is the informative well designed website. i hope and wish it will be an eye opener to many for a better promising world in the near future.