Ushahidi Core Team Meets!

Two days ago (May 7th to be exact) was a historic day for Ushahidi.

It was the first time that the core founding team that is myself, Erik, Juliana and David,  had met together in person – can you believe it?!ushahidi-team-pic

It is a bit ironic that it happened in Silicon Valley…I hope that portends well for our future.

There was lots of catching up, scheming, planning and reflection.   And it felt good.

Yep, we had been building an organization and a platform – virtually via skype, chat, email, twitter across States and continents for over a year without ever having a single sitdown to chart our path.

If I might say so myself, that’s a remarkable piece of Ushahidi trivia :-)

I think it just goes to show what as it the heart of the Ushahidi community – a sense of partnership, trust, commitment, and some uber-selfstarters (hehehe).

We have resolved to do this more often.

12 Responses to “Ushahidi Core Team Meets!”

  1. Russ

    This is so indicative of the 21st century, globalization and the inter-connected world community. Congratulations and may your stars continue to rise. You are doing a good, noble and needed work.

  2. Very cool, Erik…you guys look like the executive commanding team of the original Star Ship Enterprise from the 1960′s…great diversity, and you’re going where ‘no man (or woman)has gone before!” :-)

  3. Guys…if only you knew how proud I am (as I am sure all Arusha Tedsters are) of what you guys have done, continue to do….

    Look forward to meeting you again in Oxford…

  4. You have done so well and this great news. Congratulations, and more power to you all.

  5. Beatrice Muturi

    You make a great team and am sure you are encouraging many to they have great potential which can benefit mankind.keep up the good work.

  6. Sally

    Keep up.. this is excellent..
    Ory. am so proud to know you