Your Old Phone = Hope Phone

A while back I briefly mentioned FrontlineSMS:Medic – an initiative started by post-grad students out of Stanford University who had done some really interesting things in Malawi. They are the type of entrepreneurial digital natives that buck tradition and do something different, something that actually works.

Hope Phones - logoThat same team has built a major campaign, Hope Phones, to gather unused and discarded mobile phone handsets and convert them into funds for use in their mobile health campaigns in Malawi and elsewhere in Africa.

“Hope Phones will make use of the nearly 450,000 cell phones discarded every day in the US. allows donors to print a free shipping label and send their old phone in to The Wireless Source, a global leader in wireless device recycling. The phone’s value allows FrontlineSMS:Medic to purchase usable, recycled cell phones for healthcare workers.”

This is a fundraising campaign, one put in place to promote a project that already has a track record of working.

Get involved:

1. Visit and donate your old phones.
2. Spread the word:

  • Email your friends, family, classmates and coworkers.
  • Post on Facebook and become a fan of the Hope Phones page.
  • Tell the world on Twitter – use #HopePhones as a tag so we can thank you.
  • Let us know if you want the Hope Phones widget for your website or blog.

3. Contact if you’d like to help set up a Hope Phones collection center.

7 Responses to “Your Old Phone = Hope Phone”

  1. Hi Erik,

    Many thanks for putting this out there. It obviously means a lot to have your support!

    All the best,


  2. I think this is really a great way to help this Africans people.Each one of us are going to dump the old phone and take a new one this is very intelligent way to help the other people i really appreciate this article.