A Big Thank You to the Uchaguzi Volunteers!

Today is a day of gratitude! Peace has prevailed in Kenya and the Uchaguzi volunteers have filled the iHub and virtual Ushahidi community with positivity and productivity for the past two days.  Thank you, all!

The Uchaguzi project brought more than 70 volunteers to the iHub August 3rd and 4th (with at least 12 others joining remotely).  Volunteers helped map and process over 1400 messages as well as assisted our team of Ushahidi developers fix bugs that popped up during the Uchaguzi deployment.  The volunteers met the challenge with incredible enthusiasm, focus, patience, and a spirit of fun!  We couldn’t be prouder to have such a wonderful Ushahidi community!


Some volunteers opted for couches and carpet to comfortably process incoming reports.


The Sisi ni Amani team (Rachel & Cody) did an amazing job of supporting training volunteers!


Linda, Tegan, Charles and Lee won’t be distracted.

Gloria brings smiles to the Uchaguzi Situation Room.


Lilian, Julius, Erica and Steve from Kibera News Network update Uchaguzi with reports and video.


The remote volunteer team working together on the Uchaguzi Volunteer Skype Chat


Developers, Urgent Response and the Troubleshooting Team in action.

We are so appreciative of the incredible response from everyone who gave time and energy to make Uchaguzi a success!  Thank you all!  We never could have done it without you.

7 Responses to “A Big Thank You to the Uchaguzi Volunteers!”

  1. I think this is really something to be proud of because it shows the beginning of a new way to deal with information, in a concerted way, as a trained team, together as a community, united over the network.

    Structuring, annotating, verifying reports is something that anyone can do now with tools like Ushahidi — but what is missing so often is the willingness to do all of the hard work that remains after the technology is in place, the “other 90%.”

    I’m really pleased to see Ushahidi digging into the activist aspect of the work (in addition to the software development).

    Really inspiring work guys!

  2. Mark Nelson

    Really great work! Well done, all of you.

  3. Muendo

    Glad to have been part of the team,and Jess you did some amazing job in leading the whole team.

  4. David Otieno

    Was an amazing and awesome experience………I would do the volunteer thingy again if is it ever required of me.
    Thumbs up for Rachel and Cody.