Devastating Floods. One hope in front of every lost hope.

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I am still a few miles away from one of the worst floods in the history of Pakistan.  Still, I could not figure out the meaning of life and hope after losing your loved family, losing everything you built in your life in front of 30 feet high flood wave, where everything is completely devastated for millions of people. I do not know how to save hopes of people in current situation. But as a technology and social entrepreneur, I have read hundreds of case studies and talks that a SMS is a ray of hope and decided to setup SMS based incident reporting.

I want to bring first line of incident reporting live for millions of people in Pakistan. This requires technology, spreading the right word to millions, building team, Logistics, resources and coordinating all the incident reporting. The last week was spent on the technology front.  So, after sleepless nights, power shortages, worst news written on faces everywhere, the effort continued. With the help of few friends, I got access to short code 3441 in Pakistan.  Next the Crowdmap was launched at  Then, the short code integration was done. And the technology milestone is achieved.

Picture 26

Then, I started carefully spreading the message to select forums and people about the SMS and incident reporting platform, people from all over the world are joining us that is bringing a hope on a SMS message. Team building is on way and spreading the message to millions of flood affected people is next big challenge. Remember, the mission is to save one hope by one SMS message at 3441.

The message to spread is simple. “Text your observations about the disaster and your location so we can put this on a map.” People can report their observations by texting 3441 and starting their message with “FL”.

One hope will be saved, if this message is properly understood, mapped by humanitarian agencies, people or anyone in the world looking to help flood affected populations in Pakistan. We need your help, please join our team (email us at and lets try to save one hope with one SMS message.

6 Responses to “Devastating Floods. One hope in front of every lost hope.”

  1. Hi There,

    Undoubtedly, recent flood is a bitter test for Pakistani nation & effecties are in urgent need of help. As a whole flood disturbed the lives of all Pakistanis but my area & province are waiting for direct help. My area is quite backward & even nobody visited it so far, where the lives of countless natives are thoroughly disturbed. Plenty of natives are killed. There houses are destroyed. Their all animals cows, goats sheeps are died. Their all crops are destroyed. Roads are broken.

    Inshort, safe and sound lives are damaged & indipendent lives have become dependent.

    I’m a social worker & working on females education project in the provine of Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa in the city of Kohat.

    I can offer you my sincere services during your project working in Kohat & Khyber Pakhtoon Khwa.

  2. Pakistan tens of millions of affected people, need humanitarian supplies throughout the world, they are too meager.

  3. A few weeks before sudden torrential rain & flooding water brought a huge disaster to the people of Pakistan . The people who were having their own jobs, business, crops, farming, shops, factories, and companies. Who were living in their own houses in different villages, streets, roads & cities: were compelled to give up in front of natural disasters & quit their houses, native lands & abandon all kind of businesses.

    So they moved on, acted upon to save their lives. Some of them could save their lives & some of them lost their lives in the presence of dangerous water. Although the people who could save their lives; physically they look like alive who are walking & moving their lack luster movements, tired gestures, worry thoughts & pessimistic hopes persuade their opponents about their defeat in bitter exam & lost of their lives somewhere in the difficult, hard, painful & dangerous ways.

    Successful journey of life where they were driving smoothly, accurately & easily; now the sudden turn of their lives in the way has forced them to walk on stony, painful & tough ways.

    The begging situation introduced to the richest.

    Respectable professionals like doctors, teachers, professors & all other officers are waiting to receive aid.

    The owners of big houses are thrown on the roads to stay on without any walls & roof.

    Affordable, flexible & comfortable opportunities are vanished & the problematic conditions are irritating the affected population.

    Sometimes the anger of tornadoes moves them & sometimes the threat of thundering clouds warn them.

    Sometimes the lack of pure water to drink & sometimes the access of flooding water to escape.

    Sometimes the huge amount of torrential rain & sometimes the appearance of plethora of mosquitoes & reptiles.

    Some times the less amount of eating food kill them & sometimes the fear of the presence of various kinds of reptiles kill them.

    Indeed in their own country, they’ve become strangers. After passing through very good, successful & independent lives; they’re depending on others. The visit of any foreigner or any big shot tempts them. Their children eyes are searching for generous help. Their family members with silence cries are asking for shelter.

    Oh my Lord, such a swinging turn of any one’s life, such a bitter test of any one’s temperament, such a situation forcing on handicap gestures & depending on others.

    Such a dark chapter of Pakistan ‘s history. Such a difficult path to cross. Nothing looks easy…………………

    Couples of weeks are passed; still…… the flooding water hasn’t stopped

    They’re searching for shelter; they’re also missing water which’s called filtered

    All around problems are visible, solutions are totally invisible

    The successful lives are changed & have become a huge burden

    Disturbance of mosquitoes, existence of reptiles

    Silent cries of innocent children, access of tears

    Smile is missing, every where worries are existing

    Terrible reality, which’s unbearable

    Oh Lord, when the gloomy cloudy will remove?

    When the appearance of sun will approve?

    When the cries will turn into smiles?

    When the way losers will search their destinations?

    When the indiscriminate condition will be modified into discriminate situation?

    When the hopelessness will escape & when the constructing hope will rise?

    When the waves of angry flooding water, will leave my great land?

    When the peace, will come back to my Pak land?

    I can’t do anything else, but only to pray

    Oh my God, please turn that all miseries to any other way

    This is the pray based on sincerity

    This is the request, please remove adversity & bring back prosperity

    Battle in between flooding water & blood of dead bodies, is giving us tough time

    Oh God, please let us know; what’s our crime?

    We need to know,

    In this angry water, How to flow?

    Life’s short & it’ll be passed

    But in minimum days, why maximum shocks?

    Earthquakes, Terrorism & Torrential rain with massive destruction

    Children, Adults & Old are passing through from life’s Bulky Burden

    Innocent cries, tired gestures & sorrowful faces are waiting for help

    Oh God! Please help me, my community & my nation

    And protect us all, from any kind of devastation

    (Adnan Khan)