SMSsync Upgrade: v1.0.3

SMSsync v1.0.3
SMSsync v1.0.3

A couple months ago we came out with SMSsync, a simple Android app that turns your phone into an SMS gateway. We’ve been testing the app to find and fix bugs, and you’ve had suggestions on how to make it better. Here are the results:

  • Downgraded to Android 1.6 so SMSsync works from 1.6 and above.
  • Now SMS can be deleted from the SMS inbox. This is a configurable option.
  • Fixed issue with the secret variable.
  • Better support for localization – All hardcoded strings have been moved to the string.xml file.
  • Supports outbox — for pending messages that manually needs to be synced.
  • Improved SMS background service — Now it starts and stops perfectly.
  • Added version number to the powered by text on the Settings screen.
  • Changed notification Icon to SMSSync’s launch icon.
  • Shows status of Pending messages. Whether there are pending messages or not.
  • Pre-populates URL field with “http://” when setting up the sync URL.
  • Sends an auto response once the SMS is received. This is a configurable option.
  • Validates the callback URL

Download the Android app.
Download the source code.

11 Responses to “SMSsync Upgrade: v1.0.3”

  1. Fantastic app, it’s been running on a phone of mine for around 2 weeks now with perfect uptime and not a single missed message.

    A thought for future updates – the ability to mark an SMS as ‘read’ instead of just deleting it? I use SMSBackup+ to keep a Gmail copy of all the SMS, which means I can’t use the delete option in SMSSync.

    It gets a bit tiring marking the daily incoming SMS as read :P

    Overall a really great app that ‘just works’. Great work!

  2. Ranjit

    The key wor does not work for me. all messages on the mobile are being sent to the server. Any ideas?

  3. 1. User-Agent “SmsSync-Android/1.0)”

    it’s only when you request messages to be sent, in other cases – “Apache-HttpClient/UNAVAILABLE (java 1.4)”

    2. through task = send, you can send messages in any language (using UTF-8), however, to send messages from your phone to web – is sent to rubbish, only to send the Latin alphabet. I would like to make this work not only for the Americans and British.

    3. in running the parish and sms, program starts up. two sms – three copies, four – five copies. etc. it is somehow wrong. while in the notification is duplicated text sms with the icon of the program. notice and copies of the program can be closed only by stopping force program manager in the standard application android.

    4. if a lot of sms, all the crashes. likely reason is that for every SMS sent to a separate inquiry. can be done to each request sent out to all messages at once (as well as using task = send)

    5. really want to see the date of the message (if sending from the phone).

    6. in the program pending sms ordered not by time, not to the sender, as well as anything else. it’s not very convenient. I’d even removed the SMS preview in the program, because it seems superfluous.

    7. using task = send would like to know the status of message delivery (if delivered).

    8. in medium and small screens in some fields in the program do not fit.

    p.s. I hope my information will help improve the program. sorry for my bad English.

  4. I’ve got the 1.0.6 version of this, and im trying to get the send sms working. But the app keeps telling me that there is ‘no task is enabled on the configured callback url’.

    I’ve got my json output the same as the docs, with ‘task’:'send’, but am i doing something else wrong.

    Appreciate your help

  5. Hi, I am unable to get the Key word working. All messages to my Android phone are being synced. I had entered Fix as the key word in the App. Still all messages irrespective of the keyword get synced. Like if I send Fix Let me go, the entire message including Fix gets synced. How do I get the App to recognize the Keyword. Any help will be appreciated.
    BTW Jason I have 1.0.5 beta so could you please point me to V 1.0.6 that you are using

  6. Hello, Ranjit, could you please (or any of you) show me the script you use to sync with the Json or point to me to a guide please. I am not sure how to make this app work!
    Thanks Massimo

  7. Hello Ranjit, thank you for the reply.
    I’m sorry is I was not clear enough in my first message. I have a problem with the call back function as I always get this message “SMSSync Message Sending Failed”. It might be because it does not get the right JSON string back!! As it seems to work with you, could you share your callback script please?
    Thanks Massimo

  8. Hello Ranjit, I solved my problems. I did not try to use the app keywords as i don’t need them however, I created a set of cases in my php script using the Switch syntax and it works perfectly. Now I can save the message in a specific column in my Mysql database based on the switch case. This approach could work for you too. Regards, Massimo

  9. hi, i installed on froyo, and the incoming sms not add to list (pending) automatically, but if i press the import sms menu, the sms added, it s cause i have not internet connection on my phone??