Crowdmap: Header Images

On Crowdmap, we strive to provide our deployers the most up to date, stable features in the Ushahidi Platform. The website is updated often and we don’t always do as well as we could communicating those new features to you.

We will be publishing a series of blogposts highlighting new functionality that you may otherwise miss if you aren’t looking closely. For our first in this series, we are highlighting a new feature added yesterday, header images.

Brian is not a graphic designer.

The number one feature request on Crowdmap since launch has been having the ability to upload an image to be displayed as the banner graphic at the top of the page. Deployers of the Ushahidi Platform have been able to easily do this by tweaking a few lines of code but Crowdmappers don’t have the luxury of making those types of modifications.

To add an image to your deployment, simply log into your admin panel, click on Settings and upload your file. It will immediately be displayed on the homepage. One thing to keep in mind is there are no restrictions on the width and height of your image, but some will look better than others. Feel free to experiment to see what works best for you.

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