New Theme Released: Unicorn

During the month of September, we’re releasing one theme a week for the Ushahidi platform. This is second theme to be released.

Meet “Unicorn” <- because we can ;)

The default Ushahidi theme has the classic two column layout with the map on the left and the categories on the right. With Unicorn, we decided to change things up a bit and give the map the full width of the page. It’s clean, simple and gives you a fresh-looking layout for your next deployment!

Our favorite part of the theme is how the map filters have been reworked on the home page. We’ve put them in an easily accessible drop-down menu, allowing the map to come front and center:

The Technical Nitty Gritty

Much like the previous theme we released, Unicorn implemented with relatively few changes to the core files.

  • Lines of CSS: ~250
  • Number of Images Used: 3
  • Files Changed: header.php, footer.php, main.php

How To Get It

Download it here! Also, it’s been added to the master branch of the platform on Github so feel free to pull it down at your convenience.

We hope you enjoy Unicorn!

14 Responses to “New Theme Released: Unicorn”

  1. Jennifer Chan

    Congrats on releasing Unicorn. Excited to take a look at this soon! Awesome.

  2. Sorry: when I tried to change to this theme, the following error appears: C:/wamp/www/ushahidi/themes/unicorn/views/header.php [18]:

    Undefined variable: uri_segments

    Can anyone tell me whats happing?
    Best regards

  3. Hi Flatus,

    Thanks for trying out the theme. Unfortunately, this error is happening because of some new code we’ve recently pushed to the platform as part of this theme release. It appears that you don’t have that code yet so that’s why it’s giving you an error. If you can, please download all the latest code here:

  4. Do I have to setup all over again(ushahidi) or I do have to replace the theme folder? I did the last one =, but, still getting the same problem. How do I have to perfom to it work out.. sorry for the basic questions(Iam newbies)

  5. Iam still having the problem. Can you send the main.php file with the line inserted, because when I do so it shows another error that regards to the header.php file.. in this time with the error 52. help me with this please.

  6. Finally I have all fine.. Tanks.. I had to Reinstall the plataform and its fantastic…
    Tanks Once again.

  7. Iam facing dificulties in order to add more languages. I donwloaded the ” ushahidi-Ushahidi-Localizations-af19f24″ Folder from github and copied to 18in folder But nothing happens.. Can anyone help me with this…

  8. Hi Flatus,

    At this point, I think it’d be a good idea for you to join in our developer skype chat. There are usually folks hanging around there who can help. Send me an email with your skype id and I’ll add you: caleb at ushahidi dot com. Alternatively, you can try posting to our forums: