Weekly: YoSoyRed, SXSW Panel Voting

Happy Week! Maps connect us to stories and data. Our Deployments of the Week aim to give voice to the dispossessed.

Deployments of the Week

Ushahidi roots are in citizen voices. We recognize Porlosquefaltanenmexico and Desaparicionesas our Deployments of the Week. Together they are part of the #YoSoyRed movement – an Intelligence Collective. We’ve heard much in the news about Mexico. We encourage anyone to plan for security measures for their deployment. Ushahidi has documented some resources on our wiki, but we highly recommend formal training to keep you and those you map about out of harm’s way.

About #YoSoyRed:

is an initiative which seeks direct contact between the victims, citizens, family and media. The goal is to record the 27 thousand missing that the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has registered.

Polosquefaltanenmexico aims to provide a direct record of the family and civil society. It is created as a collective exercise of memory, truth and justice to remember that the victims are not figures are not statistics.


Voting help: SXSW and Jauntaroo

SXSW Panel Picking is upon us. Nathaniel Manning has submitted two talks. Can you lend him
support for one or both of his SXSW talks: The BRCK – Designing From the Rest of the World and How Data is Changing International Development.

Community member, Lillian Pierson is applying to be a Chief World Explorer (Jauntaroo) candidates. She needs your help. All you have to do is watch her videos and click the Like button. You can Like each candidate once every 24 hours. Go Lillian, thanks for all your help on crisismapping projects like Uchaguzi Kenyan Elections 2013.

AzteCast Whitelabelled ios

The AzteCast app is a powerful mapping tool that helps the San Diego State University campus population to post and share news events happening at the university to a physical map. Amy Schmitz Weiss worked tirelessly to teach herself how to Whitelabel the Ushahidi ios App. It is now live and ready just in time for the new semester year.
See AzteCast on itunes.

Help Wanted: Update Voices Plugin

Ushahidi’s community have created a number of themes throughout the years. These are customized and need to be upgraded to be supported by the latest versions. One of our community folks needs help with this.

The Voices Plugin
. Here’s some details on how to update plugins as well as more information on versions.

Into the Code


We’re sure you’ve all heard about the recent release of FrontlineCloud by our friends at FrontlineSMS. We’re happy to announce that FrontlineCloud was release with support for SMSSync. Shoutout to the FrontlineSMS team for the pull requests and bug fixes to facilitate this.

Ushahidi Core

Testing for Ushahidi v2.7.1 is still ongoing until the 30th of August. Have a look at our wiki page outlining how you can help out. Join in :).

Happy Week Folks!

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  1. Thank you for showing me the FrontlineSMS. I’m already testing it and it is very simple to use.
    As you see not all have heard about this : )