Ushahidi receives $2000 Special Distinction Award

Yesterday, Erik and I attended the Knight Batten Awards for Innovation in Journalism. The symposium was Sponsored by J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism – American University School of Communication. We were among a great group of Finalists, and were immensely honored to have the Ushahidi Project win an award.

It is our first glass plaque, and by our plaque, we mean the whole Ushahidi community. The project arose from the collaboration of bloggers and Kenyans during the post election crisis, and this is an honor to all who have supported us. Be it by displaying the buttons on your sites, entering incident reports, to telling others about Ushahidi. Thank you to Knight Batten Awards for the $2000 award money and for the recognition to Ushahidi. We look forward to making some major announcements soon regarding the software we are developing.

Read more about the other fantastic projects on the J-Lab site.

7 Responses to “Ushahidi receives $2000 Special Distinction Award”

  1. Congratulations on your award. I enjoyed your presentation at the press club and wish you success in the future. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Hey Juliana, Erik, all

    Just been taking a little time to go through your site, which is really impressive. Quite amazing how far this has all come. “Cometh the hour…” and all that. ;o)

    I just wanted to also add my congratulations to your recent successes, this included. Looking forward to catching up again sometime soon – beer on me (over some cool Finnish music, of course)!


  3. congratulations to you all on your hard work. This is fantastic news. Good to know that your efforts, though not motivated by awards- are recognised beyond your primary constituents.

  4. Rebecca, thank you for the encouragement too.

    Ken, you know we shall hold you to it, Re: Beer over Finnish music :-) Thanks again, we are really looking forward to the next iteration of the software too, of which Frontline is integral. Congrats on the Clinton Global initiative invite, we shall be following your blog and twitter for news of that.

    Thank you so much Stella and Victor, your support is much appreciated!