Washington Post Uses Ushahidi to Map Snowmaggedon Cleanup efforts

The Washington post, the largest newspaper in Washington DC is currently using the Ushahidi platform to map snow clean up efforts following the massive blizzard that hit the East coast of the US.

Check it out by clicking on the graphic below.


Hat tip Dan Sinker and Andy Carvin!

5 Responses to “Washington Post Uses Ushahidi to Map Snowmaggedon Cleanup efforts”

  1. When we at PICnet implemented Ushahidi as a test site to learn more about it for our NGO clients, we couldn’t have imagined it would be such a success! Once the Washington Post contacted us to partner on the effort, we were happy to be of service, especially since the real value of the tool is delivered when larger communities have access to it.

    Thanks to the Ushahidi team for your hard work. We’re looking for integration opportunities with Non-Profit Soapbox, which runs on Joomla, and look forward to sharing our lessons learned from this project with the Washington Post.

    Ryan Ozimek
    CEO, PICnet

  2. Hi Ryan, any chance we could re-activate your Snowmageddon site for the cities of Boston and NY given the impending snow storm?