Ushahidi Android App 2.0

Ushahidi Android 2.0
Ushahidi Android 2.0

For the past couple of months, we have been tirelessly working on version 2.0 of the Ushahidi Android app. We have drastically improved the user interface (UI), as well as adding an array of bug fixes and new features.

Now Let’s See What We’ve Baked So Far.

Checkins Support
We added this feature to the Ushahidi platform to simplify the reporting process in situations where a ton of report details aren’t needed. The new Android app automatically detects when ‘Checkins‘ is enabled on the Ushahidi platform, and renders its UI to allow Checkins capabilities.
Report Sharing
This feature allows you to share reports or checkins without any hassle. On the report/checkin viewing screen, there is now a ‘Share’ icon at the top right corner. This icon gives you the option to select which service you wish to use to share the checkin or report — you can share via all the latest social media services, as well as via email and SMS.
Viewing and Sharing Reports / Checkins
Viewing and Sharing Reports/Checkins
Deployment Search
This feature eliminates the tedious process of manually adding new deployments to the Ushahidi Android app. It uses the deployment search API to search for a deployment based on the device’s current location. We haven’t removed ability to manually add a report — it’s still there — we’ve just made it simpler to find a deployment and jump right in.
Deployment Search
Deployment Search
New Dashboard
We’ve updated the dashboard with fresh new icons and some great new features, making it really easy to navigate through the app. It actually follows the Android design patten as described here. The new action bar at the top of the screen allows for much faster navigation through the app — helping you to accomplish simple tasks much more quickly.
New Translations
We made the strings in the app available for our community to translate into various languages. We were amazed how quickly our community jumped into translating the app. The app is currently being translated into 22 languages, and 5 languages have been fully translated: French, Chinese, Portuguese (both Brazil and Portugal dialects), Japanese and Turkish. The translation process is still ongoing — if you have some spare time and what to help out on that front, check out the translation spreadsheet:
White-labelling Support
We’re very excited to announce that the Ushahidi Android app can now be white-labelled. This means you can theme, configure, and brand the app to fit a particular Ushahidi deployment. For more information regarding this feature, check out the readme file here.
White Label
White Label

We owe a huge thanks to the Ushahidi community — if it hadn’t been for your contributions with all the new translations and UI designs, these huge improvements wouldn’t have been possible.

The app is available today on the Android market. You can download it on your phone by clicking on the image on the left or scanning the QR code on the right. Enjoy!

Android market
Android Market
Ushahidi Android app
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11 Responses to “Ushahidi Android App 2.0”

  1. This is a really beautifully crafted app, so congratulations to all who have contributed to it.

    One question: Is the current android app limited to a particular version of Ushahidi for integration with the API? I noticed that it connects fine to some deployments, but the app crashes when I try to connect to others. I only noticed this happening with the latest update. The two deployments I’ve tested against both say they’re 2.0.1 (assuming that footer version number gets updated), but one now crashes the app and the other works seamlessly.

    Also one thing that does not seem intuitive to me is the Search feature. I would expect the search feature to be for searching reports on the currently selected deployment and I’d expect to manage the different deployments through the settings menus.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Can you point me to a deployment that crashes the app.? Maybe change the wording on the search feature?

  3. Hi Henry. The deployment that crashes the app is

    I just tried the newest version of the app and it’s still the case, but thanks for renaming Search to Deployments. I think that makes a lot more sense.

    If there’s a better place to provide feedback about the app, just let me know.

  4. New added feature is great, removed custom camera app and replaces it with inbuilt camera app which has more features. I like this feature.

  5. Nils Östergren

    Great app for reading reports but when reporting from a HTC Incredible S it says’s there is no internet connection.

    • Thanks for the Feedback Nils, I will ask our developer to take a look.

      Heather L.

  6. I created a Crowdmap deployment. After choosing my deployment in the Android app, I get the same error message than Nils.

    I can’t use the Android app at all because of this problem. In the Android Market comments section, other Android users are reporting this problem as well.

  7. Hello,
    Can you please add the Albanian version in the Languages!?
    I am at the moment working on translating it.

  8. hello, this is a geat app, it would be nice to download this app for adroid device without android market

  9. Google Nexus 4 +
    map shows up. wants to place point at my geoloc.
    category selector works, adding photo does not
    add photo from gallery crashes app.