Evaluation plus Action: Toolkits for Deployers

The Ushahidi .ke Evaluation Launch was held on August 25th, 2011 in Nairobi, Kenya. The Harvard Humanitarian Initiative research team led by Jennifer Chan and Melissa Tully, supported by the Knight Foundation, conducted evaluation research. Over the year, they interviewed Kenyan Ushahidi deployers, specifically those participating in Uchaguzi, Unsung Heros and Building Bridges, and had community members help shape the research deliverables. Evaluation to action was a key goal of the project. Their research resulted in the creation of three toolboxes to assist users in the various stages of their Ushahidi deployments: Assessment, Implementation and Outputs.

The interactive event was designed to unite users and Ushahidi staff together to test assumptions and further build and refine the content about the toolkits:

Video produced by Charles Kuria.

From this event, the Ushahidi team is committed to incorporate the feedback into the toolboxes. We encourage you to respond with your experiences and best practices. We will revise these draft documents and will surface some of the key toolsets into a interactive web tool to assist deployers with their decisions as they assess, implement and review their use of Ushahidi’s software.

Draft Ushahidi Toolboxes:

We would like to thank all the 45 participants who attended the evaluation launch. As well, our thanks goes to all the participants who contributed to the research project including:

Rob Baker, Lauren Bateman, Emer Beamer, Vincenzo Bolletino, John Bracken, Rachel Brown, George Chamales, Jennifer Chan, Jessica Colaco, Kate Cummings, Sarah George, Rachel Gichinga, Jessica Heinzelman, Anahi Ayala Iacucci, Wambui Kamiru, Susanna Kruger, Charles Kuria, Jamie Lundine, Stephen Maina, Dunstan Machoka, Gikunda Mburugu, Hilda Moraa, Nyaggah Muchiri, David Ogiga, Ory Okolloh, Tobias Ouma, Mayer Patel, Linda Raftree, Rukia Sebit, Marten Shoonmen, Jonathan Shuler, Philip Thigo, Melissa Tully, Jaro Valuch, Sanne van den Berg, Jeffrey Villaveces, The Akira Chix (who volunteered at the event), and the iHub staff (Patrick, Tosh, Pete, Chris, and Rose.)

Stay tuned as we work on the next steps.

The Ushahidi Team

6 Responses to “Evaluation plus Action: Toolkits for Deployers”

  1. Congratulations to everyone for making this available to the public. For everyone only aware of this project now, this is the culmination of months of research and effort from Jennifer, Melissa, and several partners, and they deserve a big thank you from the community for this contribution.

    Asking the right questions, setting goals, and understanding expectations should always been the first steps to any deployments. Having these materials is a big step in making sure that’s the case and we all don’t answer the question of how before asking the questions of why, and for who.

  2. Big steps in the right direction, nice work, would like to see this platform in action for national sustainable development in Zambia

  3. Enzo Bollettino

    Great job Jennifer and Melissa. Looking forward to seeing the results of the implementation with Ushahidi’s Project Partners.

  4. Please do not launch new stuff while failing hard supporting the current one.

    looking to http://forums.ushahidi.com :
    the feedback from USHAHIDI team takes so long, that it is valid to say: there is NO support / feedback for developers who want to incorporate you software (please spare with the “we have no resources for support” excuse. This is a very lame one because it means, that my time has no value against yours – go figure…).

    If you want to push your software forward, support developers, we do not expect more then our questions to be answered, you can still stick which your limited documentation. If you want people to bother with your stuff, show them some respect and do care about questions they might have.

  5. Heather Leson

    @Rob -Thank you, too.
    @Steven Good luck with your deployment idea.
    @Enzo – Completely agree on the great work that Jennifer and Melissa did.
    @FF-dhub – thanks for your feedback. Yesterday, we posted the results of the Community Survey. We know that we have to improve on our support. To that end, I will be posting about our tool and research in the coming weeks. Your input is most welcome.