Coffee, chatting, demos and pints!

We’ve been connecting with old and new friends during the past week or so. Meetups were held in Montreal (CA) (Sept.12th), Lusaka (ZA) (Sept. 13th), Ottawa (CA) (Sept. 15th), London (UK ) (Sept. 16th), and Mombasa (KE) (Sept 17th). Connecting with the Ushahidi community helps us focus on the mission to support their efforts. The Ushahidi team really values the “not-in-front-of-our-computer” time to both learn and share. So, we’re planning more events for the fall season.

The London (UK) casual event was co-hosted by the Crisismappers Network and the Stand-by Task Force. As you can see from the hat, Patrick Meier was in attendance.

(Photo from the London meet-up)

Linda Kamau held a developer’s meetup in Lusaka (ZA) and Ahmed Mahaay held a technical meet-up in Mombassa (KE). Both Ushahidians provided a deeper technical overview incorporating demos, training and a developer’s discussion.

(Photo from the Lusaka meet-up)

Holding casual meetups provides an informal place for folks like Adeel Khamisa of GeoTime to stop by the Ottawa meet-up or Stephane Giodone of Zonecode to share his project ideas for opening up the alerts for construction in Montreal. We try to hold casual meet-ups if we are visiting a city.

Upcoming Scheduled Events:

October 8th, San Francisco (USA): Ushahidi & Media Hackathon
October 25th, Toronto (CA): Mapping for Media (co-hosted by Innovate News)

Stay tuned for more announcements:

November 7th, London (UK): Frontline SMS and Ushahidi will co-host a workshop
November 11th, Nairobi (KE): Heather Ford and the iHub team will co-host an academic webinar
November 12th, Paris (FR): OpenStreetMap and Ushahidi will co-host a workshop/hackday

2 Responses to “Coffee, chatting, demos and pints!”

  1. Great! Is soo good to know that we have different knowledges and needs. We are now a lot of connected people working together. Question: Is there any map of ushahidi users?

  2. Heather Leson

    HI Nikeshoe, we don’t have a map of Ushahidi users yet. It is on the plans, though. Stay tuned.